William RETTIE

Printer, 18th-19th Century

John BURNETT and William RETTIE were printers based in Nether Kirkgate, Aberdeen from 1795-1800.1

Aberdeen Journal, 24 Dec 1798

Aberdeen Journal, 24 Dec 1798

The partnership ended in March 1800 and William RETTIE died in 1802.2,3,4

1802 Burial of William RETTIE in Aberdeen

ScotlandsPeople, OPR 168/0A 0190 0073

William was married to Jean MONCUR and was the father of Middleton RETTIE the tinsmith and jeweller.5 He was also the great-grandfather of Middleton RETTIE the advocate.

Aberdeen Journal, 17 Mar 1802

Aberdeen Journal, 17 Mar 1802

The following books are listed in the Primo catalogue of the University of Aberdeen Library, Special Collections and Museums:

  • Charles-Marie de La Condamine, An Account of a Savage Girl, Caught Wild in the Woods of Champagne. (Aberdeen: Burnett & Rettie, 1796).
  • Alexander Ross, The Fortunate Shepherdess ; a Pastoral Tale. (Aberdeen: Printed by Burnett and Rettie, Nether Kirkgate, 1796).
  • An Affectionate Address, Intended to Promote the Piety of Young Christians., 3. ed. (Aberdeen: Burnett & Rettie, 1797).
  • Short Sermons, Designed for the Use of Those Who Have Little Time to Read Longer Discourses. (Aberdeen: Burnett & Rettie, 1797).
  • Charles Dawson, Don Poem With Large Notes, Giving an Account of the Most Ancient Families, Castles, and Curiosities on Don and Its Branches. (Aberdeen: printed for Charles Dawson, by Burnett and Rettie, 1797).
  • A Solemn Address to Careless Sinners, Relative to Their Eternal Interests. (Aberdeen: Burnett & Rettie, 1798).
  • John Brodie, The Preaching of the Gospel, the Great Means Appointed by God for the Salvation of Men A Sermon, Preached before the Aberdeen Missionary Society, March 8, 1798. (Aberdeen: printed by Burnett and Rettie, 1798).
  • William Barclay, Callirhoe, Commonly Called the Well of Spa, or the Nymph of Aberdeen. (Aberdeen: Burnett & Rettie, 1799).
  • John Fleetwood, The Life of Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. (Aberdeen: Burnett & Rettie, 1799).
  • John McDiarmid, The Propagation of the Gospel Important and Necessary. A Sermon Preached in the Relief Church, Aberdeen, at the Ordination of the Rev. Mr. Alexander Bower, (Aberdeen: printed by Burnett and Rettie, and sold by J.Ogle, Edinburgh, and M.Ogle, Glasgow, 1799).
  • J. Taylor, A Medical Treatise on the Virtues of Fir-Hill Well, Illustrated with Select Cases. (Aberdeen: Rettie, 1800).
  • Andrew MacKay, The Commencement of the Nineteenth Century, Determined upon Unerring Principles. (Aberdeen: printed for the author, by W.Rettie; and sold by J.White; W.Heather; D.Steel, London; A.Constable, Edinburgh; Brash & Reid, Glasgow, &c, 1800).


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