Willmus RETTIE

Burgh Councillor, 15th Century

The earliest written record of the surname RETTIE is the election of Willmus RETTIE to the Common Council of the Burgh of Aberdeen in 1474:

Curia gilde burgi de Abirdene tenta per pre positum et fratres gilde quinto die mensis Novembris anno millesimo quadringentesi mo septuagentesimo quarto.
[At a Guild Court of the Burgh of Aberdeen held by the Provost and Guild Brethren 5th November 1474.]

Quo die subscripti electi fuerunt in communes consiliarios hujus burgi pro anno sequente.
[Which day the Underwritten were chosen to be Common Councellors of this Burgh for the year ensuing.]

Commune consilium.
[Common Council.]

Andreas Alanson
Thomas de Camera
Alex Meignies
Gilbertus Vaus
Johes de Marr
Thomas de Culane
Ricardus de Kyntor
Willmus Vokel
Johes de Knollis
Edwardiis Lowson
Robertus Culane
Willmus Rettie
David Colyson
Johes Glemalvyn
Alex Blyndschel

‘Constitution of the Burghs of Scotland; From Their Charters’, Report of the Committee of The House of Commons 1793, published by John Wylie & Co, Glasgow, 1818, p. 133


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